Invariably ready to make his movies, like the sea at Dunkirk. The film is no longer valid but the canvas always attracts much. For the 4th edition to be held from May 15 to 17 , the “Ecrans de la mer” deploy their images in the heart of appointment that all revolve around endless stretches dear to the goddess Tethys. A few weeks before the rushes the Tour de France sailing, sea anchor its screens at Studio 4 . Steps beaches ” Malo Bray-Dunes,” initiated or amateurs sail at the whim of an eclectic. Now traditional encounters corroborate numerous events dedicated to bring the maritime world in the spotlight: Museum Night at the Marine Museum, festival of the sea on the banks of the Citadel, “ça DKartonne !” in the basin of Commerce Between… fun, catchment and culture, a passage through the dark rooms of Studio 43 will delight and without melancholy, you will continue the journey to the heart of the “Rendez-vous of the sea.”

The President of the Urban Community of Dunkirk
Community Council