The object is to deal with a still taboo subject both in France and in Europe: sea pollution due to plastic garbage.

For its first edition, the World Sea Film Festival, has decided to underline a topic that is not often tackled in France or indeed in Europe: that is to say, sea pollution due to plastic garbage and more especially in the Atlantic and the seas directly bordering all French coasts (the Atlantic side, the West Indies, Guyana or indirectly via the English Channel, the North Sea or the Mediterranean).
The development of the consumer society and that of plastics which is closely related to it, have drastically increased the number of products, containers or packages likely to end up in the sea either nearly unbroken (macro-waste) or in pieces (micro-waste).

The context:

The discovery in the US of an ocean of waste in the Pacific ocean, sometimes called ‘the plastic soup’.
The Hawaï Conference, under the sponsorship of the United Nations Programme for the Environment especially dedicated to sea garbage and waste, has just attracted 400 participants.
The 2009 Sea Grenelle and its N° 14 Group (limited to macro-waste).

The round-table object:

Sum up the scientific knowledge of the ring of plastic debris in the Atlantic, find out relevant actions to reduce its extent and increase the mobilization of energies against this pollution.

Participants :

♦ Jean-Claude GASCARD, Head of Research at CNRS
♦ Giora PROSKUROWSKI, Oceanographer, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
♦ Agnes VINCE, Manager (deputy manager), Ministry of Ecology
♦ Robert GASTALKI, Founder of Ecoceane.
♦ Michel LOUBRY, Director of West-Europe, Plastics Europe
♦ Charlotte NITHART, Director of the Association Robin Hood.

The debates will be headed by Vincent RATTEZ, administrator of the Guilde.

Practical details:

Date: Saturday, July 2d.
Location: Kursaal of Dunkirk, Vigie room
Time: 2.30 pm

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