Thursday 6th, June – 10:10 p.m. – Studio 43

War of the whales: orca attak!

A film by Shiro Kagawa. Production: NHK. Japan – 49 min. – 2012 – unreleased.

Whales are among the largest creatures on our planet. And each year, thousands of them make a life-or-death journey through the Unimak Pass, a five-kilometer wide strait in the Aleutian Islands. On the other side of the Unimak Pass sits the Bering Sea, perhaps the most abundantly fertile body of water in the world. The whales begin their northward journey in the spring, but along the way, a menacing army of 200 orca whales is waiting. Orca whales, fearsome predators who skillfully hunt in packs, will doggedly hunt other whales, particularly their calves. In response, the adult whales form large rings around their young in order to shield them. This program will reveal in detail exactly why the whales undertake their amazingly dangerous journey, showing for the first time this titanic battle of wits and strength as it plays out on the largest stage on earth.

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