Yves LAGANE, Président of the jury

Elected in 2013 President of the “Yacht Club de France” and Vice-president of the association “Eric Tabarly”, the Admiral Yves Lagane is a professional mariner and an experienced yachtman. Maritime Prefect for the Channel and the North Sea, he as been, as well, President of the National Society for Sea Rescue (SNSM) from 2005 to 2013. He spent his entire career (thirty-years) in the French Navy, commanding three submarines. After leaving the Navy, in 2003, he stayed very active in safety and maritime security fields, promoting the values ​​of the “citizen of the sea”: responsibility, solidarity, respect. In May, he will chair the jury of the film at the Écrans de la mer of Dunkirk.

and the other members of the jury :

Dominique Laure AGNIEL, a director of documentaries for TV, Laure Dominique Agniel went and lived in Beyrouth when she was 20. She became a bookseller and a French teacher while there. Then she moved to Montréal before going back to France and starts a career first as a print journalist then at the radio “Radio France”. In the 90s she contributed in the creation of a TV program on the ARTE channel before casting off and sailing around the world with her three children. During a long stop-over in the Marquesas Islands, she creates a Marquesan radio station. She is the author of several travel stories and the President of the festival “Terre et Lettres” in la Rochelle (France).

Hervé CLAEYSSEN, a former captain in the Merchant Marine, Hervé Claeyssen has been commanding several ships for years across the seas from an harbor to another. Last October, he was nominated to the grade of “Commandeur dans l’ordre du Mérite maritime”. Today, his two feet on dry land, he is known as a talented painter who tells about his trips through sketches, drawings, water colors and etchings shown in numerous exhibitions. This kind of “an invitation to the journey” takes you deep into the maritime history at a time when the stopovers made everybody dream about the open sea.

Corentin CHATELPERRON an engineer and a French adventurer, President of the association ‘Gold of Bengal’. At the beginning of 2009 he went to Bangladesh to work in a shipyard dealing with composite construction. This is where he becomes convinced that synergies should be created between scientific skills and know-how from around the world to work altogether for implementation of sustainable development. He quickly decides to substitute fiberglass used in composites (pollutant, expensive and imported) by jute fiber. To make his point and find financial partners, this young engineer builds Tara Tari, the first boat integrating jute in its construction (40% fiber jute, 60% fiberglass). He then sails away from Bangladesh to France during a 6 months trip. The adventure of Tara Tari is a great success which gives birth to a new project “Gold of Bengal”. In 2013 the first 100% jute fiber sailboat is launched and Corentin leaves for a new adventure. During 6 months he sails between the Bay of Bengal islands, self-sufficient as he has embarked some hens, a greenhouse and low technologie.

Patrice GERARD an author and a committed documentary film director, Patrice Gérard gives the human being a central place in most of his work. His salty sea dog gravelly voice tells us about the changing world of work which is in quite a bad shape nowadays. So far, he has been consistent on decrying the damages caused by abuses of all kind on the people. His film “la paix du golfe” was awarded the best film about seafarers activities at the Ecrans de la Mer festival in 2013.




A jury of five young student in cinema audio from the Noordover school, will also be present to select the film that receives the Youth jury award of Dunkirk metropolitan area: Antoine Guilbert, Noéline Loiselle, Michiel Marie Charlotte Sleigh, Luc Trotignon.


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