2011 Award winners

To download the 2011 winners in pdf format, click on the picture below.


And the winners are:

Jean Bart, Festival’s grand prix

Posté à bord, Charles Véron

Best film dealing with sea oriented jobs

The last hunters, Steve Lichtag

Best film dealing with sea adventure

L’odyssée polynésienne, Olivier Comte and co-writen with Hélène Constanty

Best film dealing with environmental issues and marine exploration

Tara Oceans – Le grand bloom, Michaël Pitiot

Best young director

Russell Brownley for Gum for my boat – Surfing in Bangladesh

3 special distinction were attributed by the jury:

Distinction for photography
Le peuple des océans : De la terre à la mer, Jacques Cluzaud and Jacques Perrin

Distinction for human adventure
Jolokia, l’odyssée des “bras cassés”, Chloé Henry-Biabaud

Distinction for investigation
Le Juan de la Cosa, Saint-Bernard de l’Atlantique, Ramon Gutierrez