Friday, July 1st

Lost years – A sea turtle odyssey

A film byJeremy Hogarth
Production: Gulliver Media
Australia, 52 minutes, 2010, France premiere

“LOST YEARS – A Sea Turtle Odyssey” reveals for the first time one of many great mysteries of the natural world. The film features parts of the Loggerheads’ life story that has remained a mystery for decades – during the ‘lost years’ thousands upon thousands of Loggerhead hatchlings vanish into the vastness of the southern Pacific Ocean and are not seen again until just a few return to Australian waters to feed and breed. Where do they go and for how long? It’s also the story of marine biologist, Dr Col Limpus, who has dedicated over 4 decades to sea turtle research with the Loggerhead mystery firmly in his sights.

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