Friday 7th, June – 10:40 a.m. – Studio 43

Maurice and Rodrigues, islands to be shared (Maurice et Rodrigues, des îles à partager)

A film by René Heuzey and Marianne Cramer. Production: Label Bleu Production. France – 55 min. – 2012.

Lost in the vastness of the Indian ocean, the Mauricious and Rodrigues islands are some of the marvels of the Mascarenes archipelago. But today, these small pieces of land surrounded with turquoise blue lagoons have to face numerous threats. Aware of the fragility of these ecosystems, the Mauritians and Rodriguans have decided to take care of their own environment. On land, both on the water and under-water, these enthusiasts offer us to share their thrilling journey in the heart of their paradise.