Saturday 8th, June – 11:00 a.m. – Studio 43

Swimming beyond borders (Swimming beyond borders)

A film by Robert Iséni and Charlène Gravel. Coproduction: Gédéon programmes, France 3 Thalassa. France – 52 min. – 2012.

In 2010, Philippe CROIZON, an invalid having neither arms nor legs, accomplished the amazing feat of swimming across the English Channel. Long distance swimmer Arnaud CHASSERY crossed the English Channel in 2008 and the Strait of Gibraltar in 2010. Driven by the same thirst for adventure and fighting spirit, the two swimmers joined forces to connect 5 continents swimming across 4 Straits: from Papua New Guinea to Indonesia, from Jordan to Egypt and from Gibraltar to Bering. This extraordinary human adventure was a physical and mental ‘tour de force’ and a genuine example of the way people can go beyond their limits, share their solidarity and extol equality among all human beings.