Pierre MOLLO


For 40 years Pierre Mollo, a teacher and a researcher kept both eyes focused on a microscope, observing the plankton. Today even if he is retired, he travels the globe tirelessly and visits the various “citizen observatories” which were created over the years since the birth of very first one in Port-Louis (Brittany), his native land. Through  many actions aimed at informing and educating a large audience, seafarers or not, he brings his passion to all of us so that we can admire and understand this extraordinary community of the “almost invisible”.
With this kind of a biologist, it is difficult, even impossible to be bored. “A simple drop of water contains wonders to be observed and by itself represents a true seafood main course”, he announces with a smile on his face.
As you probably noticed, the plankton is continuing to fill Pierre Mollo with wonder. After having made short films about the sea and the people who live on it, he edited a first book in 2009, L’enjeu plankton (co-authored by Maëlle Thomas Bourgneuf) and just edited a second one Le manuel du plankton (co-authored by Anne Noury).

Pierre Mollo will be present at the festival on the opening evening, Thursday, June 6th and on Friday morning June 7th.


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