Saturday, July 2nd

Tara océans – Le grand bloom

A film by Michaël Pitiot
Production: MC4, Fonds Tara, France Télévisions, Thalassa, Planète Thalassa, CNRS Images.
France, 52 minutes, 2011

Some people claim that the blue planet is a living thing. Its energy, its rock, its chemistry having originated in life in the oceans. What secret alchimy takes place on the blue planet? Bio oil. Leaving Abu-dhabi, in the Persian Gulf, Tara sails off to explore the Indian Ocean. Tara studies the populations of phytoplancton and goes back to the carbon link. The seaweeds are the active components of the biological pump in the oceans. The ocean also breathes and makes the planet breathe. That process led to the making of… oil! For this mission, the crew had to deal successfully with an incredible natural phenomenon: a bloom of plancton, a huge explosion of sea life. But nothing happened as expected…

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