“Tara Tari”, first boat made of jute fiber


Come and discover “Tara Tari”, a small jute-made fishing boatTara Tari, mars 2010, Galle, Sri Lanka designed in Bangladesh by Corentin de Chatelperon.

It all began in Bangladesh, when Corentin, a 26-year-old young engineer, took part in a shipyard. Within the space of 6 months, he succeeded in building an experimental boat thanks to the use of a new composite made from jute fibre, far cheaper than the usual glass fibre. Though he had no experience in sailing, Corentin decided to bring his boat back to France over a 14.000 km course.

This amazing adventure gave hope to Bangladesh people.

“Tara Tari” will be exhibited in the Kursaal during the whole Festival.
Do not miss the opportunity to see it and meet Corentin!

Tara Tari website: http://tara-tari.blogspot.com/

Website of the non-profit organisation supporting the project: www.watever.org

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