A film festival of the sea at Dunkirk? What could be more normal!


Michel Delebarre

Here is the proof if we ever needed one that the sea is a continuing source of economic, touristic, recreational and cultural interests. Dunkirk and the Côte d’Opale coastline were built and grew up thanks to its proximity, thousands of men and women over the generations have lived from it, used it, figured a way to work with it, relax and open up to the rest of the world. It is not coincidental that the “Écrans de la Mer” decided to dock there for few days. Everything here beats to the rhythm of the marine environment.

Dunkirk is a major industrial and commercial port, a border territory in the vicinity of one of the world’s busiest straits, but it is also a seaside resort with many tourist attractions continuously urging intercultural exchanges. There is little activity on the ground that back in one way or another to the sea is looking seaward our ancestors built the legend, the reputation and prosperity of this which is now the third port of France. The dreams and discovery that vehicle a film festival of the sea bottom in our common culture always ready to meet new challenges. Our ambassadors are called Courrier Dunkerque or Destination Dunkerque, they roam the seas holding high the flag of that territory, they became champions of France or the world according to categories. Long, the future of our city – located in the heart of north-west Europe – has acquired through encounters with other countries which in turn give us their experience. Privileged links established with Rostock, Vitoria in Brazil Annaba in Algeria as the opening to the UK or Benelux testify. Home, exchange and transfer land, coastline also feeds in Nord-Pas de Calais and the Opal Coast of everything that contributes to enrich its human, economic and cultural heritage. Before Dunkirk in 2013 ensures its rank of “Regional Capital of Culture”, the film festival of the sea is one of these markers scattered on the road to the big event. There will be many others who all aim to radiation of this event and its sustainability, as it is favorable to wind one who knows where it goes. Prophecy is more than ever the occasion.


Michel Delebarre
Former Minister of State
Deputy Mayor of Dunkirk
President of the Urban Community



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