Farewell tribute to the first honorary patron of “Ecrans de la Mer”

Pierre Schoendoerffer passed away on March 14th. He was buried with military honours, and our Prime Minister expressing France’s gratitude, paid a remarkable homage to this man and his work .

As a long-time member of the Committee of Honour of the Guild and as a gesture of friendship he had agreed to preside over the Dunkirk Sea Film Festival “les Ecrans de la mer” last summer.

His third film,”Pêcheurs d’Islande” which was screened at a special presentation will be long remembered.

He then entrusted to our magazine the untold story of his very first sailing on the Baltic Sea.

On many occasions, he presided the jury at the International Adventure Film Festival, an environment where he could feel “the bright side of life”. This same bright side he highlighted so very well, in both his films and books, especially in difficult times, whether at sea or during war, can raise man’s level of resistance.

Patrick Edel

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  1. On ne connait la valeur d’une personne que lorsqu’elle tombe. R.I.P. Pierre.

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